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When using different types of makeup it is quite common to experience skin breakouts or irritations from using certaincosmetic products. More often than not a lot of cosmetics on the market would may give undesirable results, be heavy or maybe unnatural looking. We try very hard to keep our products as natural as possible to try to combat these problems & hope you’ll love our Mineral Makeup as much as we do.

You won’t find any of these ingredients in our makeup


And are not tested on Animals

To determine all of our products safety, Jacky Mac Mineral Makeup relies on the judgment of experienced toxicological experts specifically from the cosmetics field.

Each of our products have undergone EU safety testing by a qualified toxicologist and because we try to use as few ingredients as possible & only include things that are necessary to the product there’s less chance of irritation  

We have tested our products on many friends and family, as well as testers with various skin conditions and sensitivities such as eczema,  rosascea, dermatitis, psoriasis, sensitive skin and our gentle formula can still be used safely but should never be used as a substitute for any prescribed medicines

Our minerals are suitable in any climate & are water resistant. 

But as with all products if you have very sensitive skin there can be a slight chance of reaction to ingredients used so please check each product ingredients list before ordering & check your not sensitive to anything used and as with all cosmetics discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions.



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