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Mineral Foundation Shade Guide

Mineral Foundation Shade GuideJMMinerals Mineral Foundation Cosmetics for evening out your skin tone and providing a smooth matte base without leaving a mask effect between your jawline & face, finding the right shade of foundation can be done easily by following these simple guidelines. Try out your foundation in natural daylight on your face not your wrist as your face is exposed to different conditions. You can try different shades next to each other to get the very best match as a lot of women choose shades that are too dark for them.

a good place to start as this has balanced tones of red/yellow or peach undertones and is somewhere between warm & cool

has obvious rose pink undertones or may be categorised as having a red undertone but not to be confused with skin conditions that cause redness e.g. rosacea

has golden/yellow undertones 

Try choosing a shade that you think matches then one lighter and one darker from the samples first before buying a full size jar to see which is best suited

Mineral Loose Powder Foundation is best applied with a tightly packed kabuki or face powder brush. Just tip some of the product into the lid and dip your brush in, gently. Next tap the base of your brush on your dressing table to load the brush and then apply in light circular motions. Do Not Over Apply! Use your brush to polish your skin adding more product if necessary in small amounts only. Build up several light layers to achieve a more natural, flawless finish. 

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